ToraTora ON ICE: 23 jan. 2021 - 30 jan. 2021

This is the first ever ToraTora event that doesn’t focus on skydiving. We invite you to join us in the mountains around Lauterbrunnen. Many will agree that this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We’ve booked a cosy hostel in Gimmelwald which will be our basecamp, from where we go freeriding, tourskiing, speedriding, splitboarding, paragliding, iceclimbing, you name it. We organise all kinds of courses and workshops that you can join, or you can go play for yourself. We all return to the hostel to have dinner together and watch footage from each others adventures in the bar (try our house cocktail, the ToraTora ON ICE!).

The price mentioned is the 2020 price. The 2021 price and details will be announced on our website:

Vol relatif
Pilotage sous voile
Voile contact
PA - voltige
Date de début de l'évènement: 23 jan. 2021
Date de fin de l'évènement: 30 jan. 2021
Type d'aéronefs :
Tranche arrière
Avion historique
Avion fusée (< 9' au largage)
Autre(s) avion(s)
Détails sur les sauts spéciaux: Scenic helicopter jumps and mountain swoops, if the conditions allow it.
Profil des participants:
Débutants bienvenus
Parachutistes confirmés
Ninjas uniquement
Compétences requises: It helps a lot if you can ski or snowboard.

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