Ethernal Boogie 2024: Feb 5, 2024 - Feb 9, 2024

Hello flyers!

Welcome one more time for the biggest, the best, the funniest Freefly Skydive Event in South America!!!

Below some infos about the Ethernal Boogie

Ethernal Boogie it’s a skill camp event with the ambience of a Boogie.
5 days of jumping, groups with LO plus 6 flyers, every day rotating the LO.
Dj playing all day long, every night we organize a dinner in a diferente place with super good food
Jumps at 14.000ft and jump tickets around 33 dollars, we’re still confirming the final price, but won’t change much from that.
Registration fee: U$600 dollars

Load Organizers:
- Ben Lemay
- Claudio Cagnasso 
- Jeremy Saint Jean
- Luis Adolfo Lopes Mendez 
- Luis Prinetto
- Mati Baeza
- Oscar Asfuras
- Paulo Perini
- Paulo Pires
- Petter Stensvold 
Vídeo: Argy Álvarez 


About airports, you have 2 options to arrive in São Paulo and go to Boituva.

First one is GRU International Airport of Guarulhos, it’s about 30 min from São Paulo city and 1:30 to 2:00 hours from Boituva, depending on traffic jam. More flight options for sure than the other one so maybe you can find cheaper flights. 

The second option is VCP Viracopos International Airport of Campinas. Just one hour driving from Boituva. Much less traffic jam but less options of flights.
The best is to rent a car in any of the 2 airports and drive to Boituva or take a ride with someone arriving at the same dates. Getting a bus it’s to complicated or we have a person in Boituva, he’s a Uber driver and can pick you up also for a reasonable price.


We have a hotel inside of the Dropzone that’s pretty good, it costs around 20 dollars per night with breakfast included and individual room with a big bed and air conditioning. Perfect option for those that doesn’t want to drive in and out of the Dropzone.

Also we have Toyo In and Meu Hotel.

Both are good options too but outside of the Dropzone and 5 min driving.

That’s the main informations, if you would like to proceed with the registration or any doubt or question you might have contact Paulo Perini through WhatsApp +5511999592607 or Paulo Pires +5511996665224

Hope we can have you at our event.

Type of skydive:
Formation skydiving (Relative Work)
Canopy piloting
Canopy Relative Work
Style & Accuracy
Start date of the event: Feb 5, 2024
End date of the event: Feb 9, 2024
Aircraft type details: Caravan
Jumpers profile:
Beginner friendly
Confirmed skydivers
Ninjas only

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