Sky on Stage 21/22 - Indoor Games - online contest: Jul 15, 2021 - Feb 21, 2022

Sky on Stage 21/22 - Indoor Games

Create one Free Routine and send it to Sky on Stage within the 21st february 2021 to be evaluate by our amazing Panel of Assessors!

Indoor Games you can enter:

. Freestyle on music (1 performer, fix camera)

. Freefly/Dynamic 2 way (2 performers, fix camera)

. Freestyle 2 way (1 performer, 1 cameraflyer) - only DEMO


Prizes for the Winners

Specail Peter Pan Award to the flyer who enetred most of the Games (includes the outdoor games as well) and placed best overall.

Type of skydive:
Formation skydiving (Relative Work)
Canopy piloting
Canopy Relative Work
Style & Accuracy
Start date of the event: Jul 15, 2021
End date of the event: Feb 21, 2022
Aircraft type:
Historical plane
Rocket plane (< 9' to altitude)
Other plane(s)
Aircraft type details: You can create your Free Routine at any Windtunnel of your choice in the World
Jumpers profile:
Beginner friendly
Confirmed skydivers
Ninjas only

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