Trackdayz Sponsered by Dreamfly Portugal: Feb 13, 2021 - Feb 14, 2021

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - TrackDayz at Skydive Algarve, proudly sponsored by Dreamfly Portugal!

Awesome tracking event in the Algarve. Join Dreamfly Portugal's freefly expert, Matthew Hill to learn and sharpen your tracking skills and to be a part of epic tracking jumps by the sea.

Two full days of action packed tracking jumps organised by a top Freefly and Tracking coach.

Matthew Hill
Director of DreamFly, World Champion in Skydiving 2011, 2012. Has more than 6500 skydives and 2000 h flown in wind tunnels. Wind tunnel instructor since 2005 and examiner since 2017. Coaching and training in indoor skydiving for more than 12 years.


What to expect:
We separate the groups based on number of participants and skill level to be sure the groups fly safely.
Every level is welcome as long as you meet the qualifications below. Your coach will be leading you on tracking jumps, focusing on improving your skills and having a blast doing it.


QUALIFICATIONS: 200 jump minimum and group tracking experience.

Contact us for more details and to book your slot!

Type of skydive:
Formation skydiving (Relative Work)
Canopy piloting
Canopy Relative Work
Style & Accuracy
Start date of the event: Feb 13, 2021
End date of the event: Feb 14, 2021
Aircraft type:
Historical plane
Rocket plane (< 9' to altitude)
Other plane(s)
Aircraft type details: Dornier G92/ Super Caravan
Special jumps:
High altitude
Night jump
Beach landing
Special jumps details: 15K
Jumpers profile:
Beginner friendly
Confirmed skydivers
Ninjas only
Required skills: Group Tracking Experience
Required experience (jump number): 200

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