Adventure Boogie: Sep 12, 2020 - Sep 19, 2020

Imagine spending a week in magical mountains, where each morning you can choose to spend your day skydiving, or try out one of many other exciting mountain sports under professional guidance…

This is an event where you can do exactly that. You get to enjoy the spectacular Slovenian landscape from the sky, from the water and even underground. You can challenge yourself physically and mentally in many different ways. Or you can just come play with our top freefly and wingsuit coaches. Your choice. And the best thing: you’ll have a magical week in any type of weather.

Info and registration through our website:

Type of skydive:
Formation skydiving (Relative Work)
Canopy piloting
Canopy Relative Work
Style & Accuracy
Start date of the event: Sep 12, 2020
End date of the event: Sep 19, 2020
Aircraft type:
Historical plane
Rocket plane (< 9' to altitude)
Other plane(s)
Aircraft type details: 2 porters and 1 supervan
Regular jump price: €31
Special jumps:
High altitude
Night jump
Beach landing
Special jumps details: Innhopps, Mountain Swooping, Scenic jumps
Jumpers profile:
Beginner friendly
Confirmed skydivers
Ninjas only
Required skills: Any level welcome. Innhopps and mountain swooping have a minimum jump number depending on the location
Required experience (jump number): 0

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