Paradise Portugal 2019 Skydive Algarve week 2: Oct 7, 2019 - Oct 11, 2019

This is the perfect camp for all levels: as a beginner you can learn new freefly skills like head up, head down or angle flying in 1-on-1 or small group coaching jumps. If you already consider yourself a freefly ninja, you can challenge your skills and slice up the sky with top notch coaches.

The 2019 setup and pricing
Skydive Algarve runs three super fast planes to extra high altitude (15.000 ft.!) right next to a stunning beach in South Portugal. This is a great opportunity to combine intensive personal learning and small group coaching with making new friends at a paradise location. The event includes the typical beach jump and a decent party or two. The camp runs for two weeks. You can sign up for either week one or two or for both weeks. There are low and high level groups during both weeks, only the group size is different. 1-on-1 jumps can only be done during week one. For week two the minimum requirement is being able to fly safely in a 3-way head up and tracking.
This year we limit the amount of participants to 80 for each week to guarantee a fast jumping pace. The package includes 20 jumps per week, but you can probably do more. We plan on 6 jumps per day and usually the weather is good enough in this period to do well over 25 jumps. We encourage all groups to aim for 25, but this is not mandatory and if a person drops out, your group can keep jumping. Extra group jumps are 35€ and can be paid directly on site or afterwards via invoice.
Week One – Sept 30 – Oct 4
3:1 ratio (one coach for a group of 3 participants)
1540 EUR
(go to the event description)
Week Two – Oct 7 – 11
4:1 ratio (one coach for a group of 4 participants)
1390 EUR​​​​​​
Two Weeks In Paradise – Sept 30 – Oct 11
2885 EUR
The price includes hotel, shared rental car / airport pickup, some parties and 20 jumps per week.

For advanced freeflyers
You’re put in a small group with two other flyers (in week one) or three other flyers (in week two) based on your skills, experience and interest. Every group has a dedicated coach working hard to push your personal level as far as possible. Coaches have only one group each so you have their full attention. They switch groups every few days to offer you some style variation.

How the camp works
You’re manifested with your group and your coach in the same load for every jump. Together you can decide to do a jump with the whole group, split the group into smaller groups or do 1-on-1’s. It works like this: if you jump with the whole group, all jumps are coached. If you split the group to do only 1-on-1s, you do one coaching jump and then 2 homework jumps by yourself or with your other group-buddies. A 4-way can also be split into two 2-ways, doing every other jump with the coach. Together with your group and your coach, you can change this plan on a daily basis. We do our best to put you in a group with others that have similar levels and wishes, so you don’t end up doing 1-on-1s when you actually wanted group jumps or the other way around. If you sign up with your friends, you can request to form a group together and get your private coach. The participant/coach ratio is a total average. To ensure the right fit for all group levels, it can sometimes happen that your group is one person bigger or smaller for a day or two.

The camp includes a two person shared room. We pretty much booked out our hotel on the beach (Pestana Alvor Atlantico) this year, so hopefully we can offer all of you a room here this time, unlike last year. It’s a ten minute drive from the dropzone. The rooms have a small kitchen with a supermarket right next to the hotel. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet in the hotel next door for only a few bucks. We also have some 4 person beach front villa’s available in front of the hotel and some 2/3 person apartments at Teresinha, for those who prefer to stay right next to the dropzone. In the registration form you can request these options or opt out of accommodation and arrange your own.

See pictures on top

Arrival day is Sunday, departure on Saturday for each week. A shared rental car per three people is included for the duration of the camp. We’ll match people in rental cars according to arrival time so that you can drive to the DZ together. You can rearrange rental cars amongst yourselves after arrival in Alvor, and we’ll make sure that everyone has a car to ride with. If you fly to Portugal, you can choose Faro (1 hour from DZ) or Lisbon airport (2,5 hours from DZ). If you fly to Lisbon, you might have to wait a bit longer for others to share your ride with. You can opt out of the rental car option through the registration form.

Bring your granny (or any other non-skydiver)
Algarve is a fantastic place to hang out, even when you stay on the ground. You can bring someone to stay with you in your room and join the party’s. You can book this option through the sign up form. We’ll connect them to other non-skydivers and plan a fun activity for them all together.

Last year video: 


Type of skydive:
Formation skydiving (Relative Work)
Canopy piloting
Canopy Relative Work
Style & Accuracy
Start date of the event: Oct 7, 2019
End date of the event: Oct 11, 2019
Aircraft type details: Dornier & Supervan
Regular jump price: 35.0
Special jumps:
High altitude
Night jump
Beach landing
Jumpers profile:
Beginner friendly
Confirmed skydivers
Ninjas only
Required skills: Fly safely in a 3-way head up and tracking.

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